By Fatoumata Sidibe

As a high school senior, I have undoubtedly felt the magnitude of senioritis within the last few months. This feeling is not too unfamiliar to me; as the days became numbered, motivation starts to wear down for many students, from elementary to high school.

When warm weather and longer days spell Summer, it’s easy to feel that restlessness and slip into a vacation mindset. As a young girl, I remember pleading to my parents to say outside “one more hour” instead of completing my homework. Here are some tips to make sure that your kids finish this school year strong.

Check in on a regular basis

During the beginning of the school year, it is common for families to establish conversations with kids about the school day, homework, etc. It is crucial for parents to maintain an interest in their children’s school life at the end of the year too. Keep inquiring about grades, friends, and upcoming deadlines so that kids keep up an awareness of school’s importance. Doing so also shows that you care, which can be a motivating reason enough to not fall behind!

Reminder: It’s not over until it’s over

With the school year coming to a close, it can be enticing to let a few things “slip” on an otherwise great track record. This includes accepting a grade that is lower than expected, missing deadlines, or finding excuses to take time off from school.

Remind kids that school doesn’t end until mid-June and before then, expectations of oneself must remain, regardless of the month or weather. A common retort is that these final grades “do not matter” or will hardly affect their overall class performance. As a student myself, I like to think that every grade matters, despite its statistical significance in my overall average. Even then, adapting a disciplined and motivated productivity is imperative to student success.

Be on best behavior

Ensure that kids do not translate their anticipation for their summer time into distracting behavior in the classroom. Of my work with kids year-round, it’s usually around this time where we see the most behavior infractions.

Make sure kids are able to channel their energy and enjoy the weather by allowing for scheduled playtimes. Strategically incorporate this into their daily routine; this will provide an incentive for their hard work.

Summer is just around the corner and a successful end to a long school year is a great way to kick it off!

Fatoumata Sidibe is a graduating senior at Moses Brown School in Providence. She will be attending Cornell University in the Fall.