Engaging conversations with your kids – anywhere, anytime

By Sylvia Hall and Dianne Samuelson

“How was your day?” – “Fine.”
“What did you do today?” – “Nothing.”

This daily exchange between parent and child is heard ‘round the world countless times every day. It’s so common and life is so busy that very often we, as parents, let it go at that – yet we know there is a great deal more going on in our child’s day. But what if your children really want to share their day with you but struggled to do so?

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A use for baby teeth that doesn’t include the Tooth Fairy

By Peter Verlander

The next time your child loses a baby tooth or has an upcoming extraction at the dentist, you might want to skip the Tooth Fairy. Instead, you can “bank” it. Dental stem cell banking – a secure way to store the stem cells in your child’s baby teeth, wisdom teeth, or healthy extracted teeth – may be used to help fight serious conditions in the future.

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